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Name:Gin Rummy
Birthdate:Feb 29

[character name]: Gin Rummy
[series]: The Boondocks
[player eljay]:[info]arwingyoshi
[messenger]: AIM: Arwingyoshi, MSN:
[4th walling?]: No

Rummy is a stereotypical black gangsta in a white man's body. He's also a criminal and a planner, though he's not very good at the latter. While he thinks he's incredibly intelligent, he's actually not all that bright. When making plans, he often doesn't take all possibilities into consideration. When he encounters a slip up in a plan, he refers to it as an "unknown unknown" (things we don't know we don't know, according to Rummy) and refuses to admit his mistake. He can be arrogant and stubborn, especially if he screws up. Rummy is also unwilling to accept the fact that the only reason he and Ed never get arrested is because Ed's grandfather owns everything in town, including the police. Though he's a criminal, he still considers himself a patriot and is even willing help bring in other criminals sometimes. Even though he is usually calmer than Ed, Rummy is still a trigger-happy psycho.

He also hates technology that he sees as overrated fads, such as texting, bluetooth, and iPhones. He thinks a phone should be used for nothing more than making calls. The man cusses like a sailor, including casual use of "the n-word". Of course, he's voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, so this isn't much of a surprise.
Gin Rummy



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